Humane Rat Traps - How to get rid of rats

If you are reading this then you are probably wondering how to get rid of rats from your property and have considered using humane rat traps. Understanding your problem is the key to getting rid of rats so this site is intended to help you become more aware of how rats live, breed and behave.

Knowing more about rats will not only enable you to be more successful in using humane rat traps but will also enable you to put practices into place which could prevent future problems arising.

Before purchasing any of our humane rat traps, we would recommend you have a look at the Rat Pest Control page,where you will find an article detailing how to trap rats. It was written for us by Ed Allan who is regarded by many as one of the worlds leading authorities on rat pest control.

Getting rid of rats - Three Step Plan

Step 1 - Track - The first step in getting rid of rats is to always identify the full extent of the problem. Our Luminous Dust Tracking Kit is an absolute must.

Step 2 - Trap - Once you've identified where they go at night you can simply lay our Humane Single Catch Live Rat Traps all along their routes.

Rats are prolific urinators so you should also consider our Professional Rodent Germ Clear Spray.

Step 3 - Thwart - Now that you know how to get rid of rats by using humane rat traps, it is time to stop them ever coming back. Many house rat infestations are as a result of rats climbing into broken air brick covers. Our "Rodent Deterrent Air brick covers" take just seconds to install.

Ultrasonic Rat Repellers

Although evidence is now emerging that ultrasound can act as a rat deterrent, we would not recommend Ultrasonic rat Repellers as a 'stand alone' solution for getting rid of rats that are already fully established in a property. Having said that, we do believe that they can play an important part in preventing re-infestation. Our Single Room Ultrasonic Rat Repeller and the Whole House Ultrasonic Rat Repellent should be used once you have solved your initial problem to prevent re-occurrence or of course to prevent an infestation in the first place.

For large warehouse, industrial units, depots, shop floors, storage units or if you have a heavy rodent infestation always use the Professional Ultrasonic & Electromagnetic as the number one prevention product.

Our Outdoor Ultrasonic Rat Repellent should be used outdoors to prevent rats and mice coming near to your property.

Dead rodents

We do not believe you should use poisons for two reasons:
1. How do you know that other non target species will not take the poison. Non target species can be small birds, hedgehogs, voles, toads etc.
2. When you lay down poison expect something to die and you cannot guarantee that the rodent will not die under the floor boards, cavity walls, behind units etc and the smell from a large rotting carcass is awful. You will need the Professional Odour Remover bag to neutralise the smell.

Humane Rat Control - Further Advice

Ok, now you know how to get rid of rats using our humane rat traps and other products. Once you've cleared your rat infestation you are going to want to prevent them from ever coming back. As well as using our Whole House Ultrasonic Repellent there are a couple of other bits of advice you should follow:

  1. Rats have entered you property in search of food and shelter. Prevent them coming into your house by blocking any likely entry points, walk around the outside of the house with your thumb or a broom handle; any holes that you can poke your thumb or broom handle into should be blocked.
  2. Most rat infestations centre on the food source which is usually the kitchen. With your thumb in hand, check every cupboard wall and floor for small gaps and cracks. Block them off to prevent further access.
  3. Try to reduce the potential food source of the rats; clear up all spillages and keep food in sealed containers or tins. If you remove their food source then they are unlikely to thrive in or around your property.
  4. Outdoors find out why they are there, what are they eating and where are they sheltering. Remove their food and shelter then they will have no reason to be there in the first place.

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